This is me  


Two passions have always guided my journey: the arts and communications.  When I was a child, I studied piano at the Washington Conservatory and then completed "Sport-Studies" in dance while pursuing a regular secondary education. Later on,  communications became my major at the UQAM University of Montreal.

My career in marketing strategy started at the very beginning when the first digital tools were introduced. Sharing stories, I believe, is the oldest "word of mouth" concept, and I like to think that I help brands create the "tales" and stories that define their identity. 

Studying communication provided me with the practical tools to understand the field. However, a keen interest in copywriting and storytelling has led me to study English literature, civilisations, and linguistics at the Sorbonne University of Paris. Constantly expanding my knowledge and creative writing abilities, I can assert that my drive and passion are fuelled by conceptualising and executing customised content and social media strategies.